Melbourne Meditation Yoga Courses and Classes

  • Traditional Skill Sets

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Self-Acceptance

  • Develop Confidence & Humility

  • Discover a Sense of Comfort in Your Own Skin

  • 30-40 mins / day.  

  • 0430 965 166



The modern world has become a bewildering place, with a technological tsunami of information barraging us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It has become increasingly difficult to find anything close to “inner peace”.

My name is Jai Cheswick and even in 1992 when I embarked upon a journey to find another way, a different path that wasn’t measured by the standard norms of “success”, the world seemed crazy.

What then started as a physical journey across continents and under oceans gradually became an inner journey of radical self-discovery. Then I met meditation master Dean Das in Melbourne mid 2009 and so began the practice of traditional meditation.

Jai Cheswick BSc Hons DipLA

Since that time I have practiced meditation on a daily basis and now I facilitate weekly classes and a 'Learn a Meditation Practice' course. I still consider myself a  student of Dean Das even though I'm a 'senior' teacher with Meditation Australia.

On a personal note, once I began to develop habits of self-acceptance, confidence with humility, self-responsibility together with a sense of comfort within my own skin, I found that many other 'pressing' issues in my life began to dissolve.

If you have little or no experience of what meditation entails, then these introductory classes and courses may suit you.  All the best Jai

Traditional Authenticated Skill-Sets

Inner change requires practice.

Better concentration, less distraction, better sleep, more productivity, better relationships at work & home and improvement in memory can all develop as by-products of learning meditation skill-sets. More importantly though deeper more profound changes can also develop.

Becoming more 'Human', not simply more efficient.

For myself the inner change that has come from learning and practicing these traditional authenticated skill sets are more aligned to qualities of becoming more 'human' rather than simply becoming more efficient.

  • Improved self-acceptance.
  • Increased confidence with more humility.
  • More self-responsibility.
  • An acceptance of finding love rather than reaching for it
  • An increased appreciation of the positive aspects of my life.
  • Greater ability to reflect upon mistakes without negative judgement.
  • A sense of comfort within my own skin and a reduced need for validation from others.
I’ve enjoyed the course immensely. Thankyou !
— Joe Scardilli : G.F.C. Werribee Automotive Group
All contemporary meditation practices have traditional roots. The practice I share is a living tradition delivered in a contemporary format.

30-40mins  / day

Step by step I will share a time-honoured practice to calm and settle your mind. You’ll find that practicing meditation offers a quiet but exciting journey of self-discovery. A new perspective on yourself and your world gradually opens up, bringing greater ease, space and joy.

This course is an extension of the work of my own teacher and meditation master Dean Das and it aims to present a traditional meditation practice in a modern, easy to access manner.

The skill-sets have been condensed into a 30-40 minute daily practice, the elements of which are practised individually and then brought together.

Skills that anyone can learn:

You will be shown:

  • Positions within which to practice meditation
  • Breathing practices
  • Developing mental focus
  • Meditation practice
  • Technique outline provided at end of course to facilitate daily practice at home.


  • Classes are on Thursday evenings 7.30-9.00pm
  • 'Silent Sit'. This is on Tuesday mornings 6.00am to 7.30am (ish). Just come in and sit. This is to encourage "Learn a Meditation Practice' course participants to continue regular practice. 


  • 'Learn a Meditation Practice' drop in classes $20 inc gst.
  • 'Silent Sit' unguided sitting is also available on Tuesday mornings (approx 45mins). No charge.

Location: Williamstown Yoga and Meditation, Douglas Parade, Williamstown 3016

Contact: Jai Cheswick 0430 965 166 or email here.

General Information

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class

  • Allow 2 hours after a light meal

  • Wear non-restrictive clothing (warm clothes & socks in winter)

  • Mats / cushions / blankets provided

  • Booking refunds are not available once a course has started

  • No 'credits' are given for missed classes

  • All reasonable care is taken for the welfare of participants in courses.  Cheswick Consultants does not accept responsibility for any injury incurred in class, or following a class. If any doubt please inform Jai Cheswick at time of enrolment. 

Krishnamacharya taught that we cannot practice meditation; all we can do is make the conditions right in body and mind so that meditation – the merging with our natural state – may spontaneously occur and understanding come.